Music from the Void.Conversations in the Abyss.

Modesty Beast Void Signal

Distortion Technician Johan Isaksson (Processor) and American outlaw Sam (Samtar) chat with me about their work together as Modesty Beast and Small Civil War. We also talk about distortion, their history, tortillas, waterfalls, distortion on waterfalls, and what the future holds for both of them.Featured Songs:-Modesty Beast – Pearls and Swines-Small Civil War – Blankets-Small Civil War – Lost in Sleep-Modesty Beast – Closer-Modesty Beast – Panic TrialsVoid Signal Intro/Outro courtesy of System Syn/Ginger Khan.Visit for more Modesty Beast, Processor, and Small Civil War.Visit for more Samtar.Visit for more Void Signal.
  1. Modesty Beast
  2. Crosstalk with Dan Milligan, Ken Magerman, and Ilker Yücel
  3. Lea Alazam – Besvärjelsen / The Brides of the Black Room
  4. Friday the 13th Special with ESA / System Syn / MORIS BLAK
  5. Herman Klapholz – Ah Cama-Sotz / Gatto Nero / OKK-ULTh / wai pi wai

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